Why use powered access?

Why use powered access?

Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) require employers to protect employees from falls from height. 

The regulations state that before working at height you must work through these simple steps:

  • avoid work at height where it is reasonably practicable to do so;
  • where work at height cannot be avoided, prevent falls using either an existing place of work that is already safe or the right type of equipment;
  • minimise the distance and consequences of a fall, by using the right type of equipment where the risk cannot be eliminated.

On many occasions when working at height is needed an access platform, or a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) to give them their official name, can be the safest and easiest option to complete the task.

Traditional alternatives such as scaffolding take significant time to erect and remove not to mention the unattractive and inconvenience of having your building covered in metal work.

The safety, speed and flexibility of an access platform gives them a massive advantage over static options.

Safety – Working at height has many dangers.  In the hands of qualified PPS operators with full personal protective equipment (PPE), the safety provided by an access platform is extremely high.

Speed – Set up in a matter of minutes and ready to go, you can complete a task in several hours that would otherwise take weeks to organise and carry out.

Flexibility – easily moved to get the ‘right’ angle to your access need the access platform makes a difficult working at height task easily achievable.

Powered Access is therefore excellent commercial sense. It protects your employees, improves productivity and ultimately saves you time and money on the job.

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